Questions and Answers


Q: How long is a session?

A: A session is 30 minutes  or 1 hour recommended for multiple dogs. It includes dry time and introducing dogs to the water and swim time. Bathroom breaks must be taken to prevent accidents.

Q: Can i go in the water with my dog?

A: No we have a swim coach she assist your dog in the water. She ensures their safety.

Q: What is droop tail –  cold tail?

A: It is a minor ailment being painful it is not life threatening. Your dogs tail may become numb from to much swimming and wagging is out of the question.  This is why it is important to time each session and allow breaks in between swims.

Q: Will the water dry my dogs skin?

A: No the system that we use is hypo-allergenic and it won’t dry your dogs skin out. The system keeps the water odor free and clean. No need to give your dog a bath after swimming. It is also safe for your dogs eyes.  If face goes in the water no eye irritation will occur.

Q: My dog has Hip Dysplacia and my veterinarian recommended swimming, will swimming cure my dogs hip dysplacia?

A: Swimming will not cure hip dysplacia. It will provide a weightless form of exercise. A swim promotes full range of motion with out painful side effects associated with regular ground exercise. Swimming builds up and maintains the muscles that support the hip joints.  It also helps to reduce deterioration.

Q: Will their be other dogs at the pool during a session?

A: No sessions are by appointment only. The pool is reserved just for you and your dog.

Q: What if my dog gets water in his ears?

A: We have a gel called swimmers ear to put in your dogs ears.  One drop in each ear is all you need.  The gel well dry your dogs ears and prevent ear infections.

Q: How do you teach a dog to swim?

A: Dogs are born knowing how to swim. Once we introduce dogs to the water in a positive way they will see it as a fun experience.